About Ashley


My Story

My name is Ashley Hardy and I was born and raised in Canton, Ohio. With my very ambitious personality I learned at a very young age that I love working with people and I love learning how to do things that would challenge me to grow. I embarked on a journey that consisted of growth and failure. I moved away from home at 18 for college and also to find whatever it was that I was looking to become.I cheered majority of my high school and college years and did gymnastics, so athleticism came fairly easy for me.Being healthy was very important to me at all times so before graduation i decided to do a little self work and learn and do more defining me. Which manifested in taking care of people in and out of the hospital then to transitioning my craft at work with small group class boot camps or even seminars to educate women and men on the importance of becoming the best version from the inside out. My progress to do this dwindled my full time job down from a nurse assistant, which pushed me toward my dream of personal training building relationships and growth around me building confidence and a different mind set with each individual i encountered. Most of all giving more time toward what I desired to do.I became certified with ISSA association and started doing what i love which was strength training, weight training with resistance and calisthenics.

My Vision

My constant goal is to empower my community & family with my daily disciplines that last a lifetime, health is the new wealth. That gave me life to continue to build my empire, to keep pushing chipping at building a Motivated Fitchick that is here to inspire fitness through loving you first and living limitless. You can do all things if you want it bad enough, Remember dedication at its best. Dream BIG